Unitron Smart Control Remote Control




Smart Control is an optional hand-held remote control that allows for a wide range of adjustments of hearing instrument settings, including real-time control over listening comfort and clarity.

Features may vary depending on which hearing aid product you are using your Smart Control with. Please check with us first or consult your hearing healthcare professional for more information.

Compatible with the current Quantum and Moxi range (excluding Quantum M and Kiss),  Passport, Tandem M (not Tandem), 360+, Fuse and the Yuu. Not compatible with, Next, Shine, Indigo or Element.

The Unitron Smart Control requires pairing to your hearing aids by an audiologist. We offer free pairing with any hearing aid accessory we sell. If you live in the UK or Ireland you simply send your hearing aids to us, we pair them up with the accessory for you and send them back along with your new device using next day Royal Mail Special Delivery (UK only). Simple, quick and completely free!

The Unitron Smart Control comes with a standard 2 year manufacturers warranty.


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