ReSound Unite Remote Control 2


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Have more control over your wireless ReSound hearing aids with this easy to use remote control device. This is an extremely versatile remote control, allowing two aids to be adjusted individually or together. Volume and programme changes can be made without the need to press the tiny button on the back of the aids – good for those who have reduced dexterity, as the remote control buttons are larger and positioned to aid intuitive use. An easy to read screen displays volume levels and programme changes ensuring that you never lose track of your hearing aid settings.

  • At the push of a button you can control volume, mute/unmute and change programs
  • Volume can be adjusted monaurally as well as binaurally
  • ‘Home’ button lets you return to your default settings
  • The ‘Streaming’ button activates streaming from your TV Streamer 2 or Mini Microphone (optional streaming devices)
  • Rechargeable with battery status indicator
  • Mechanical ON/OFF switch to avoid unintentional activation


The Remote Control is compatible with ReSound wireless hearing aids – Alera, Verso and LiNX, and some wireless compatible NHS Danalogic hearing aids (CS61W, CS71W and CS81W). If in doubt, please contact us. The device is very simple to pair with suitable ReSound hearing aids and can be done in seconds by the customer – without the need of an audiologist.

This product comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.