Phonak Roger Pen iN Transmitter


Phonak Roger Pen iN Transmitter which is only compatible with Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids is a wireless microphone which allows users to hear speech much clearer in a noisy background

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Phonak Roger Pen iN Transmitter

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This product will only work with Phonak Marvel hearing aids
Phonak’s universal, cutting-edge wireless microphone helps people with hearing loss to understand more speech in loud background noise and over distance. Designed with discretion and style in mind, the Roger Pen iN features adaptive wireless transmission, fully automated settings, wideband audio Bluetooth for mobile phone use, TV connectivity and an audio input for listening to multimedia. The Roger Pen iN can be on a table, held in the hand, or hanging around the speaker’s neck or clipped to their clothing.
The Roger Pen iN has extremely advanced technology built in which adapts the microphone mode automatically based on how it is held or placed;
  • At Meetings – If taking part in an around the table meeting, simply place the Roger Pen in the middle of the table. This activates the Pen’s 360 degree microphone setting and it picks up the sound from the other voices around the table and wirelessly transmits them directly to the hearing aids.
  • Reporter Style – In a noisier environment, Roger Pen iN can be pointed towards the person you are listening to. The Pen detects this has happened and goes into a directional mode, focusing on and enhancing the voice you need to hear and at the same time reducing the background noise considerably.
  • Around the neck of the speaker – Have the person you want to hear hang Roger Pen iN around their neck (lanyard provided). This automatically focus’s the Pen’s microphone on the speaker’s voice. This is particularly effective at a distance (10-20 metres) or when travelling by car, so that road noise is dramatically reduced

Features Overview

  • Proven Roger speech-in-noise performance
  • Fully automatic microphone mode selection
  • Manual microphone mode option
  • Available colours: Sterling Silver, Petrol or Ruby
  • ’Zoom into’ soft voices in quiet and over distance
  • Audio input for connection to multimedia devices
  • Bluetooth version 4.0 for cell phone connection
  • Multiple microphone use in a network
  • Operating time: 7 hours
  • Operating time with an active Bluetooth call: 5 hours
  • Operating range: 10 metres or 33 feet (typical)
  • 20 metres or 66 feet (ideal conditions)
Roger Pen iN is compatible ONLY with Phonak Marvel hearing aids. It comes preloaded with 2x Roger receivers which can be transferred across to your Phonak Marvel hearing aids by your local hearing specialist. Alternatively, we offer to pair your hearing aids up and return them to you with the Roger Select iN at no extra cost.

If you are unsure about anything else please contact us.

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Petrol Blue, Ruby Red, Sterling Silver