Phonak Hearing Aid Remote Control


Phonak Remote Control compatible with Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids.

This user-friendly and intuitive hearing aid remote control is a must have accessory for any users of the excellent Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids.

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Phonak Remote Control £150.00

The Phonak Remote Control was designed for effortless hearing instrument remote control and usability. It is extremely user friendly, with only 3 buttons and an on/off switch.  Volume changes are straightforward with the + and – buttons and you can toggle between hearing aid programmes without having to use the tiny button on the hearing aids. Uses one CR2032 battery (supplied).


Works with Phonak Marvel hearing aids only. If in doubt, please call or email us.

This remote control is easy to pair with your Marvel hearing aids (instructions are straightforward and your aids only need to be paired once)

This product comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.


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