For nearly 80 years, Resound have been improving the lives of hearing aid users throughout the World. Using that experience they have built some of the most advanced FM Systems to exist.
ReSound FM Systems use innovative hearing solutions which combine ground breaking thinking and design with solid technology. All based on deep audiological insight and understanding the needs of hearing aid users. ReSounds expertise in the cornerstones of Smart Hearing technology, people with hearing loss or hearing issues can experience, connect and communicate better than ever before.

Resound FM Hearing Systems have helped thousands of people around the world in lots of different environments. People with hearing loss are at the heart of what they do. In a technologically driven world, they think big and break boundaries so that we can transform lives through the power of sound.

We stock Resound Systems because they offer some of the best and most flexible solutions to hearing loss suffers. We will happily advise and describe all of the systems on our site, so please either contact us or visit our Facebook page and send us a message there.