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At Wright FM Hearing Systems, we specialise in the latest FM hearing systems and Hearing Aid Accessories. All are extremely competitively priced and we offer expert advice on all our systems. Modern day hearing aids are extremely advanced and are very effective at helping the wearer to hear in a wide variety of listening situations.

There are, however, occasions where hearing aids can have their effectiveness reduced. Such as obtrusive background noise, or at distance, to give two typical examples. This is where Phonak Roger and other systems are very effective. They can dramatically reduce the background noise and so improve speech understanding. In one study, it was found to improve speech understanding over distance and in noise for hearing aid users by 62% when compared with normal hearing people. (Prof Thibodeau 2014).

FM Systems & Hearing Aid Accessories

FM systems provide the hearing aid user with their own light-weight, portable, flexible and discreet communication system which can be used virtually anywhere – noisy restaurants, busy office environment, meetings, lectures, watching TV or in the car. They can also be used to link up to telephones, televisions, PCs and a wide variety of other electronic equipment.

Schools and Universities are one great situation where the right system can transform a students learning experience. For instance, a teacher wears a transmitter microphone so any students wearing hearing aids or using cochlear implants, will hear the teachers voice much clearer with the audio level received by the fm receiver higher than a normal spoken voice.

We also supply a wide range of other hearing aid-related devices, such as remote controls, telephones, TV and telephone streamers.
At Wright Hearing, we have a fully qualified hearing aid audiologist on hand to advise on the best system for your individual needs. We also supply and fit hearing aids too, so we know all about compatibility and are happy to advise on the most economical system for each individual’s requirements.

  • Payment via credit / debit card
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  • Free delivery to UK, Ireland and most of Europe
  • Extended warranties available
  • Free Pairing with your hearing aids (UK and Ireland)
  • Advice on products and prices – before and after purchase
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

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